Tunic comes to Switch this September

Announced during the latest Nintendo Direct, Tunic is coming to the Nintendo Switch on September 27th, the same day the little Zelda-inspired fox hits PS4 and PS5.

Tunic was previously only available on Xbox consoles, PC and Mac, and was also a day one Xbox Game Pass title.

If you’re not familiar with Tunic, it’s an indie game primarily developed by just one person, Andrew Shouldice, who was inspired by early Zelda games and their detailed manuals, particularly Zelda II – but don’t let that put you off.

Tunic’s puzzles, even the late-game ones, are almost all solveable at the beginning of your adventure through its increasingly creepy environments, you just don’t have the knoweldge to solve them yet. Pick up those manual pages so inspired by Zelda II and work out the cryptic clues displayed in a made up language to solve the strange environemntal puzzles, which even include the game’s few boss fights.

Eurogamer’s own Christian Donlan gave Tunic an Essential on PC, citing the way it “turns its many influences into something that feels both familiar and gloriously new” as one of its highlights.